Come with us to explore the reefs around Safaga

Come with us to discover the underwaterworld of the red sea. We can offer you the right programm depending on your need.

We have a wide range of activities. You can come to snorkel with, if you are a non swimmer you can join a glass boat and for sure we offer also aqua fun.

You like to have your privacy? Also no problem with us!

Fullday trip€ 30,-
Tobia Island€ 35,-
Fullday trip privat€ 350,-
Speed boat 1 hour€ 50,-
Glass boat half day€ 20,-
Glass boat full day€ 40,-
Fullday trip Dolphins€ 50,-
Sunset tour€ 30,-
Overnight tour ( minimum 10 person)€ 99,-
3 days tour ( minimum 10 person)€ 299,-
1 week tour ( minimum 10 person)€ 599,
Aqua Fun
Waterchair 10 minutes€ 10,-
Banana boat 10 minutes€ 10,-
Parasailing 1 person 15 minutes€ 25,-
Parasailing 2 person 15 minutes€ 40,-
Water ski 15 minutes€ 15,-
Paddle boat 1 hour€10,-
Canoe 1 hour€ 15,-

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