Every morning at 8:30 we starting to our day trips. Depending on the weather we are choosing the reefs that you will dive on as much different places during your stay.

All our comfortable boats have a salon, a sundeck, kitchen and toilet with fresh water shower and are equipped with emergency oxygen and first aid kits.

For a small fee the boats crew will cook a delicious lunch for you and cold drinks are available all time.

Dive package boattrips
Daily trip – 2 dives*/**€ 53,-
3 diving days / max. 6 dives*/**€ 139,-
5 diving days / max. 10 dives*/**€ 229,-
6 diving days / max. 12 dives*/**€ 269,-
10 diving days / max. 20 dives*/**€ 429,-
12 diving days / max. 24 dives*/**€ 499,-
**basis are 2 dives daily trips.
Additional dives
Early morning dive€ 35,-
Night dive from the boat€ 30,-
House reef dive*€ 15,-
from 5 days1 day
Complete set of equipment€ 25,-€ 22,-
per piece: regulator / BCD / wetsuit / computer€ 8,-€ 7,-
ABC complete ( single 3,- € per day)€ 6,-€ 6,-
lamp€ 6,-€6,-
With less than 30 logged dives guiding is obligatory€ 10,-per day
Private Guiding per person€ 20,-per day
15LPer Tank€ 2,-
*Permission feePer day€ 6,-

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